About us

About Us - Kick Off Vintage

Our story

Hi, I am Mick and welcome to Kick Off Vintage, the passion project of one dedicated football enthusiast. I am a 19 year old student from The Netherlands with an amazing passion for football memorabilia and fashion, and I want to show that to the rest of the world.

My love for football runs deep, and so does my passion for the history and nostalgia that surround the sport. It all started with my own collection of vintage football shirts and memorabilia, carefully curated over the years. But I knew I wanted to share the beauty and stories behind these iconic pieces with fellow fans worldwide. 

Our Mission

At Kick Off Vintage, our mission is simple: to bring the magic of football's past to the present. Even in its popularity today, we want to normalize football fashion, because every football shirt has its own story. Thats one of the traits a designer shirt from expensive brands can not posses.

We understand the thrill of finding that perfect, rare shirt that brings back cherished memories of your favorite matches, players, and moments. My passion is evident in every item we showcase, as I believes that every piece of memorabilia has a story to tell, a piece of football history to share.

Why Choose Kick Off Vintage?

1. Authenticity: We take pride in providing you with authentic vintage football shirts and memorabilia, sourced from trusted channels to ensure the genuineness of our items.

2. Diverse Collection: Our ever-evolving collection spans football clubs and national teams from around the world. Whether you're a fan of a Premier League giant or a passionate supporter of an underdog team, we've got something for you.

3. Global Shipping: We ship our unique pieces to enthusiasts across the globe, ensuring everyone can relive the football memories of yesteryears.

At Kick Off Vintage, we invite you to share in the joy of football history and nostalgia. Feel free to explore our collection, browse the treasures of the past, and connect with us anytime. We're not just a store; we're a community of football and fashion lovers who appreciate the magic of vintage football shirts and memorabilia.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through football's storied past. Your passion is our inspiration. We are excited to serve fellow fans and collectors like you!